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Aon and Liberty Insurance Assessments

Duration 3 or 6 hours (this will include a 30-40 minute assessment)

Bikes available for rental (Yamaha YBR125cc Group 2, Honda CBF250cc, Honda Rebel 250cc Group 4 insurance OR Kawasaki ER500cc Group 8 insurance)

With more and more people turning to two wheels to beat traffic congestion and to save money on tolls, parking, fuel, motor taxation and precious TIME it's no wonder why more and more people are taking to the joy's of riding a motorcycle.


Driving Down the Cost of Insurance

So it's with open arms that Motorcyclist's are welcoming the news that AON motorcycle insurance and Liberty motorcycle insurance are both offering discounts for riders who have achieved a certain standard in their riding. This is set to drastically reduce the number of road injuries/deaths involving motorcyclists whilst driving down the cost of rising insurance premiums.

Big Discounts

The program has been designed with the assistance of Senior Motorcycle Training Instructors. Riders are assessed on their skills and can achieve huge discounts with insurance premium reductions ranging from up to 25% for basic competency right up to 45% for demonstrating an advanced standard. All skill levels are catered for and training, while not compulsory, is greatly encouraged. The cost of the training program will be offset by the savings made on premiums upon successful completion of the course.









Immediate Rewards

Up until now another factor in the high cost of insurance has been the delay in waiting for the State Motorcycle Riding Test due to a backlog of applicants. This has been cause of much frustration for many learner permit licence holders. However, upon successful completion of this assessment trained Riders will be rewarded immediately and can avail of full licence rates whilst waiting to do the State Riding Test.



Saving Lives

These assessment's represents innovation in the insurance industry by tackling the problem at its source rather than just hiking up premiums as was usually the case. Apart from the advantage of saving you money, the scheme will also save lives and reduce injuries. The initiative rewards riders who have the wisdom and foresight to bring their skills to a higher standard or be it on the other hand at the request of the insurance company to trust the rider who has reached that standard.
" This allow's a more mature and safety conscious market" said John O'Neil Chief Executive of AXA Ireland commented "Motorcyclists are demonstrating a more responsible and safe attitude to road use, being more visible and wearing specially designed protective clothing. This attitude is more evident by the popularity of professional rider training schemes, resulting in motorcyclists taking pride in their ability to ride safely."



Skill Levels

.AON/ Liberty Insurance have four grades of achievement:

Grade 4
Basic: Up to 25% reduction
This relates to a rider holding a Provisional Licence who has demonstrated the ability "to ride safely in all normal conditions" and equates broadly to a beginner who has satisfactorily completed a "Basic" course

Grade 3
Intermediate: Basic reduction plus an additional 10% (these discounts are subject to change so please contact your insurance company)
This can be done with a Learner Permit or Full licence

Grade 2
Intermediate/Advanced: Basic reduction plus an additional 15% (these discounts are subject to change so please contact your insurance company)
This can be done with a Learner Permit or Full licence

Grade 1
Advanced/High Level: Reduction plus an additional 20% (these discounts are subject to change so please contact your insurance company)

N.B. Discounts can be subject to change.


Kawasaki ER5 School Bike

The Assessment

The assessment will be done if the standard you need to achieve has been reached consistently (not perfectly!) towards the end of the training session.This is not a certificate of attendance but a certificate of achievement awarded only when you have demonstrated your ability to ride to the grade given.



A training session and assessment includes

  • A briefing on what is to be expected from the course
  • A 'demo' showing how you need to ride in order to pass the assessment
  • An observed ride, correction and de-brief
  • Then the assessment



Click here to view the Aon Acceptance Policy.




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