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Beginners Course

Duration 2x3 or 6 hours
Bike hire available 125cc or 250cc



These lessons can be conducted on a school bike as illustrated or on your own motorcycle. You will need an 'A' category learner permit to do the course so check out the Licences page for further details.

Car Park Closed Till  Apr 2010

Wicklow Town or Brittas Bay (School bike)

This lesson is done in Wicklow town on Weekends or Brittas Bay Mid-week which is about a 45 to 55min drive from Dublin city. There is a bus service to Brittas Bay from Dublin that leaves Busaras Station at 7.30am and that arrives at Jack Whites Cross at 8.40am. Click here for time-table

You will need a provisional 'A' or 'A1' motorcycle licence with you to attend this lesson see Licences page for details. I will meet you on your arrival in Wicklow town or Brittas Bay and take you to a car park where the training commences. The car park we use is quiet and suitable for learners. In addition, the school bike, a Honda CBF250cc is the perfect bike to learn on with a low seat and upright riding position. I will also provide a helmet if requested. When you successfully complete all the exercises in Part 1 (machine control) you will then take to the road for part 2 (see below).

Turning from stopped
Putting the bike on centre standRoundabout Wicklow Town
Yamaha YBR125cc Beginner Bike

Figure Of Eight

Home Start

I can travel to your house (Dublin, Wicklow, Wexford, Kildare). Your bike must be insured and roadworthy and you must have a current provisional motorcycle licence to ride the machine your learning on. The course will commence with the basics as outlined in Part 1 (see below) this will be conducted in a suitable location like a quiet housing estate or car park if available. Once you feel comfortable and in control of the motorcycle, we will then take to the road to cover the elements in Part 2.


No Guarantees

There are no guarantees that you will be riding in traffic at the end of the course. It is my aim to give you complete control of the motorcycle before taking to the road as in Part 1. It is essential that you have at least 70% attention on the road and no more than 30% attention on the bike as this is the safe balance which will allow you to relax and not be tense whilst riding in traffic. If this balance is not achieved I will suggest staying in the car park or somewhere quiet till this is achieved. 1 in 2 people will be riding comfortably on a public road after a 6 hour beginners day. At no time will you be under pressure to complete all the elements in Part 1, however all these exercises must be completed confidently before riding on the road.

Advice on buying a bike

I do offer advice on buying a motorcycle and the type of equipment you will need, however there is plenty of information on the website so click on bikes section to find out more.



The Course is divided into two parts:

Part 1(car park)
Part 2 (on road)

Throttle control
Clutch control
Front and rear brake control
Starting and stopping
Slow speed riding
Turning right/ left
Figure of eight
Using gears
Using indicators/ horn/ lights
Hill starts
Controlled braking
Rear safety glances

Radio Communication (explanation)
Road positioning
Rear observation
Use of indicators
Road surface awareness
Reacting to hazards
Appropriate use of speed
Hill starts
When on the road radio contact will be used. This is one-way communication from instructor to pupil.


Learner driving permits for motorcycles in Ireland

Before you learn to ride on public roads, you must hold a learner permit (or current provisional A or A1 category driving licence), covering the category of motorcycle you wish to ride. It is important to note that in Ireland, learner permit (or provisional) motorcycle driving licence holders cannot carry pillion passengers (i.e., passengers on the back of their motorcycle) or ride on a motorway.

Before you apply for your first learner permit, you must first complete a Driver Theory Test. If you complete your Driver Theory Test successfully, you will obtain a certificate, which you must then attach to your application for a learner motorcycle permit.

Go to Licence page to find out more.


View Brittas Bay Car Park in a larger map 


You will need gloves, a warm waterproof jacket and trousers and suitable footwear - not runners or high heels!

Motorcycle Test

I always encourage beginners to apply for a motorcycle test as soon as their licence has reached 6 months old ( this is the mandatory wait period), I can supply you with an application form for the riding test. Most people think that they need to be riding for at least a year or two to be in with a chance of passing the test. This is quite simply not the case. A pre-test course followed by two days training should be sufficient to prepare you for the test. See the Pre-Test page for the benefits of a full licence.


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