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Learner Permit

Frequently Asked Questions

(1.) Question; How do I go about getting on a motorcycle/moped?

Answer: First you need to get a learner permit for an 'A' category licence. This is done by sitting and passing a theory test go to www.dtts.ie . Once you have passed this then the next step is to apply for the 'A' category learner permit for this you will need to go to your local motor taxation office. Also you will need two passport photos signed on the back and an eyesight test which is no more than a month old (your G.P will give you this) and your passport or birth certificate. The fee is €15, once you receive the learner permit back which is normally posted to you within a week then you can do the Intial Basic Training this 16 hour course must be completed before you are allowed to ride legally on the road.

(2); Question; Will my car licence cover me to ride a motorcycle?

Answer: No, the 'B' licence will only cover you for cars, you will need to get an 'A' category learner permit. If you hold a learner permit for the 'B' category then you will need to do another theory test for the 'A' category. If you hold a Full 'B' licence you will be issued a learner permit for an 'A' category that will be seperate from your car licence but you still need to go through the steps as listed in Question 1.

(3); Question; I held a motorcycle licence years ago can I get a licence renewal?

Answer: Yes if you held a learner permit within 5 years of the last licence expiry date, if your previous licence has expired longer than this then you will need to get another learner permit
and do the Intial Basic Training .

(4); Question; If I only want to get a 50cc moped or a 'twist and go' 125cc do I still have to do the 16 hour Intial basic training?

Answer: Yes all categories of the 'A' 'A1' and 'M' licences are subjected to the Initial Basic Training.

(5); Question; I don't own a motorcycle or any equipment can I hire this?

Answer: Yes, all my motorcycles for hire are fully insured and helmet and gloves can also be provided for the training.

(6); Question; How long do I have to wait before I can take the state driving test?

Answer; 6 months from the issue date on your 1st learner permit.

(7); Question; Can I do the training on my own bike?

Answer; Yes if you have the bike insured and taxed and a brought to the training ground.

(8); Question; I am under 18 years old can I ride a motorcycle.

Answer; Yes but only up to a 125cc motorcycle on a category 'A1' licence.

(9); Question; If I take the training on a 125cc motorcycle or take the driving test on a 125cc motorcycle will I be able to ride bigger bikes?

Answer; No you will only get an Intial Basic Training Cert to ride up to 125cc or if you take the state driving test you will only receive a full licence with 'A1' category

(10); Question; If I take the IBT training or state driving test on an automatic 'twist'n'go' bike will I be allowed to ride manual 'geared' bikes?

Answer; No, if you take the test on an 'automatic' you will only be allowed to ride 'twist'n'go' bikes, also this would apply to the IBT training.

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