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Motorcycling can be a solitary or sociable pastime and is one of the few forms of exhilarating outdoor activity where the enjoyment starts right at your front door. As for commuting, you can't beat a motorbike for skipping the traffic jams, parking with ease and for free and not having to pay tolls! But with ever increasing traffic volumes and faster more powerful motorcycles it is more essential than ever to be able to deal with the control of your bike and pre-empt the actions of other road users.


Motorcyclists run a much greater risk of suffering serious injury from road accidents than car drivers. For obvious reasons the motorcycle lacks the protective shell, air bags, seatbelts, crumple zones etc which a car provides Knowing you were legally in the right is largely irrelevant as any contact can be potentially life threatening.

The motorcycle, the special clothing, the road, the weather and the traffic are all part of the environment of motorcycling so the disadvantage of being more vulnerable can be balanced by taking advantage of a better veiw, more flexible positioning and manoeuverability hence your speed and position on the road is relative to your surrounding's.

Some people say it's easy to learn to ride a motorcycle but to develop the basic skills and techniques necessary to ride safely is another matter. Although you can learn on your own trial and error can be a tough teacher - having an accident is both a painful and expensive experience. Pupils will get great value for money from these courses. You will also enjoy your motorcycling more if you are a trained rider as you learn to ride with more control and confidence. Also insurance costs can be reduced if your riding is at a higher standard go to Aon/ Quinn assessments.


Dublin location of school bikes is GEM Motorcycle Workshop,
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