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Do I buy a New Motorcycle?

The Pros of Buying New

When you buy new you will always get a manufacturers full warranty which covers any mechanical faults for a period of a year. Some warranties last longer up to 3 years and some warranties can be extended, check the duration of the warranty with the dealer before you buy.
You will also know how the motorcycle has been treated from day one as the first 1000Kms is a crucial running in period on all new motorbikes. If you intend keeping a motorcycle for more than four years always consider buying new as it will give you that peace of mind.
You'll also have the luxury of choosing the colour you want, there maybe an option for A.B.S. and other safety features or perhaps an alarm and immobiliser or a manufacturers restricted model which will reduce your insurance premium.
Nowadays there are finance deals available so be sure to look around to get the best price. Last years model might be cheaper than this years, check out the differences between the both.

The Cons of Buying New

Depreciation can hit your wallet hard some motorcycle's hold their value better than others but nearly all motorcycle's will lose 20% of their value in the first year. If you're a beginner buying new then there is a greater possibility that the motorcycle may fall over and get scratched or damaged and having a few scuffs or dents on your virgin paintwork can be very disheartening.
Insurance may cost more and as the motorcycle's value will be higher, fully comprehensive insurance cover is essential as a new motorbike has a higher risk of being stolen.

Do I buy Second-hand?

The Pros of Buying Second-hand

This will save you a lot of money which will help when it comes to buying all the other essentials. If it gets scratched, damaged or stolen it won't hurt your pocket as much. When you go to sell it you won't lose too much money and in some cases you might not lose at all. This will depend on whether you bought a bargain or not.
If its your first bike then seriously consider buying from a dealer as you will get a warranty, this offers peace of mind which will be priceless!

The Cons of Buying Second-hand

I have a checklist which may help when buying a used motorcycle, however I always advise people not to go alone when viewing a motorcycle, it always helps when there are two sets of eyes looking. Don't let your heart rule your head. See if you can get someone who has knowledge of motorcycle's or engines or both to come along with you. If you're buying privately make sure you meet at the owners home address and not in a car park or street, don't be afraid to ask the owner for proof of his/her identity eg - a driving licence.This reduces the risk of a stolen bike being sold on. Remember if you buy privately there will be no comeback so you must be careful. The appearance of some motorbikes can be very deceptive so be cautious....


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